Script ini akan bekerja ketika ada device yang pertama terhubung ke DHCP Server mikrotik dan otomatis membuat device tersebut menjadi static (Make Static).

Script ini dipasang di IP –> DHCP Server –> DHCP –> Nama DHCP Server

# Created Jotne 2019 v1.2
# This scripts stats all DHCP release to static automaticalle
# It should run on all routerOS version

# Test if this is a Bound session and the lease is a dynamic one. Do not change older reservation
:if (($leaseBound=1) && ([/ip dhcp-server lease find where dynamic mac-address=$leaseActMAC]!="")) do {

# Get the lease number
	:local Lease [/ip dhcp-server lease find mac-address=$leaseActMAC]
# Get date and time
	:local date [/system clock get date]
	:local time [/system clock get time]
# Make the lease static	
	/ip dhcp-server lease make-static $Lease
# Add date and time as a comment to show when it was seen first time	
	/ip dhcp-server lease comment comment="$date $time" $Lease
# Send a message to the log	
	:log info message="script=dhcp_static server=$leaseServerName IP=$leaseActIP MAC=$leaseActMAC"

Untuk membuat Static pada DHCP Lease yang aktif jalankan script ini di New Terminal.

:local date [/system clock get date]
:local time [/system clock get time]
:foreach lease in=[/ip dhcp-server lease find dynamic] do={
	/ip dhcp-server lease make-static $lease
	/ip dhcp-server lease comment comment="$date $time" $lease

Ketika script ini di jalankan di New Terminal semua client yang ada di DHCP Lease akan berubah menjadi static

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